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100% pure natural herbal ingredients, enhancing breast tissue development!


Breast Up P. Includes a high concentration of pomegranate extract and Royal jelly which is 30% higher than similar products which make the effect more Significant and more effective in regulating female physiology.


The 100% natural ingredients didn’t include any Estrogen and medicine and guaranteed to have no side effect! Which makes it a safe and reliable product that provides a good effect on breast development.


Breast Up P. is manufactured by a well-known Japanese Pharmaceutical factory with 30 years of Pharmaceutical experience.


The product combine nanocomposite technology with 100% natural herbal ingredient providing an effect that is ten times stronger than regular formulas!

Breast Up P. holds a high sales record eight years in a row in the Japanese beauty market. The product is also in high demand in the South East Asian market.

Breast Up P.

HK$698.00 一般價格
  • 036 - 120-pill

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