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A variety of 100% pure natural herbal ingredients promote the redevelopment of breast tissue!

Methatum is added with ultra-high concentration of royal jelly and pomegranate, the composition is 30% higher than similar products, the effect is more significant, and it is more effective in regulating female physiological functions. Its 100% natural herbal essence does not contain estrogen, Chinese or Western medicine, and has no side effects. It has a good effect on breast development and is safe and reliable.

Methorhin is manufactured by a Japanese pharmaceutical company with 30 years of pharmaceutical experience, with rich experience. With nano-composite technology and 100% natural herbal ingredients, the compounding effect is ten times that of the general formula! In the Japanese beauty industry, Methoracin has been No. 1 in sales for 8 consecutive years and has been selling well in Southeast Asia for many years.


  • 036-120-pill / made in Japan

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