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7 days, a visible achievement

The miracle of skin rejuvenation, without fear of the invasion of the years!

The acid element re-interprets the skin's rejuvenation effect and activates the skin's new vitality!

The acid element re-interprets the skin's rejuvenation effect, the repair period is short, and the effect is significant. Remove spots and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve large pores on the 7th, and quickly end acne, acne, and oily skin.

The acid element uses the properties of acid to apply to the skin, causing the epidermis or dermis layer to dissolve and peel. It is a "superficial resurfacing" to accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, help the skin remove the aging keratin that has accumulated on the outer layer, and stimulate new cells Growth has achieved the effect of improving skin texture and regenerating skin.

Acid Element Solution

  • R3070-15ml

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