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Placenta renewal treatment by oxygen injection • Reduce wrinkles • Moisturize skin • Increase collagen

Wake up your sleeping skin, let your brilliance reappear

Placenta contains various essential elements for healthy skin, such as amino acids, minerals, vitamins and many other high-active substances, and is used in clinical applications in medical cosmetology. The function can remove the active oxygen that is the cause of aging, activate circulation, promote blood circulation, activate cells and accelerate metabolism, and eliminate dullness and dark spots on the face.

"Improve the skin, inject oxygen into the skin"

The oxygen locked in the skin tissue is lost due to various factors, making the skin dull. When a high concentration of carbon dioxide is injected into the skin, it can be effectively absorbed by the skin, allowing placenta to quickly penetrate the skin and reach the bottom of the skin, thereby increasing the oxygen content of the skin tissue, so it can greatly enhance the absorption capacity of placenta.

Placenta Oxygen Plus Treatment

  • RBS1015-Box 6set

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