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Inject new whitening energy into the skin

BIO-GREEN whitening and spot-removing treatment, which contains the latest research and development "NATURAL AUXIN", which can be directly absorbed by the bottom layer of the skin by smearing and massaging. It can effectively improve dull skin, pigment spots, purify melanin and yellowing, and accelerate skin whitening and microcirculation Improve the skin tone and reproduce the whitening effect.

Excellent skin whitening and healing effect

• Innovative whitening ingredients-intensive blemishes, thorough whitening

RAFFINE "BIO-GREEN" uses the latest breakthrough whitening ingredients, combined with a variety of natural plant extracts (NATURAL AUXIN), which can effectively repair damaged cells, quickly dilute melanin, whiten the skin, and consolidate multiple functions, leaving the skin white, delicate and bright Brilliance.

•Whitening and anti-aging:

A variety of vitamin C is used to decompose the underlying melanin. Among them, active L-pure vitamin C can activate cells and fight free radicals, whitening and avoiding skin aging.

• Detoxification and purification:

It can neutralize and discharge toxins caused by environmental pollution and stress, restore skin to a healthy state, and reduce melanin, so that the skin can absorb whitening ingredients.

• Effectiveness and safety

It adopts multiple effective formulas and meets the standards of the League to achieve the ultimate whitening effect in terms of safety.

BIO-GREEN Whitening System

  • RBS1005-Box 6set

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