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Minimally Invasive Smart Needle

Professional microneedle treatment, the key to skin regeneration

According to different needs, the electroacupuncture rods of different lengths can be matched with different lengths. The 720,000 micro-channels are created in the epidermis every minute in the form of “stamping” at high speed across the epidermis, which stimulates the dermis layer to increase the proliferation of collagen, and then cooperate with the introduction of the essence. Tighten pores and reduce wrinkles can achieve the best results. The electric microneedle pierces the pipe with a "straight-out and straight-in type", so that the effect will not be different due to the skills of the beautician, while ensuring hygiene and reliability.

DR.STAMP - Minimally Invasive Smart Needle

  • DSM001-Box 1 pcs

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