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Main function: High-efficiency anti-wart and wart-removing formula, which can essentially remove long-lasting warts and can be used solely on the place of warts. Warts are caused by skin hyperplasia caused by human papillomavirus infection and are infected through direct contact, such as contact with the patient’s towel, razor or other personal items. The patient can also spread the infected area by touching the affected area. If the resistance is weak, the chance of infection is greater. The key anti-wart essence pen can effectively anti-bacterial and prevent the spread of wart virus. A small part of warts can heal in a few months or a year and restore healthy skin. Received the Seoul National University Hospital-Clinical trial test for improving allergic dermatitis/eczema skin and wart virus

SD URBANLIFE All Day Pollution Repair Essence

  • SD8006-5ml / Made in Korea

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