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Microneedle regeneration original solution series

Take care of your needs in many ways-90% of women have tried it, and the results are significant after the trial of RAFFINE stock solution

EGF-stimulates the growth of epidermal cells. Vitamin C inhibits the production of melanin, which can reduce spots and pigmentation. It can also improve the skin color and make the skin completely white from the basal layer. Vitamin B3 can effectively inhibit the transmission of melanin cells. The whitening ingredient "Tranexamic acid" is used in skin treatments related to spot lightening and micro-needling treatments. A more effective method has been developed to bring the ingredients to the bottom layer for absorption, which can be more direct Effectively target spots, pigmentation and lighten spots.

BLUE BIRD POWER - m-Tranexamic Acid Extra

  • RBA6009A-7ml x 7pcs

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