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About us

First of all, we would like to thank the major beauty centers and overseas agents for their support for the company over the past 20 years. Our products have been integrated into all major consumer levels, and sales have reached new highs repeatedly, which is sufficient to prove that the company's products have achieved reputation, quality, safety and efficacy. Recognized by the beauty industry, the company now sincerely solicits local beauty centers, agents from Chinese and overseas cities, hoping to take this opportunity to work closely together to create beautiful business opportunities.


We are well prepared for the direction of the next 10 years. You can choose to become the best R&D and beauty team in Hong Kong. From now on, lead your customers into an era of "cell care". "Cell care" is the most powerful and self-healing therapy for skin cells. The guests experience the true youthfulness from the inside to the outside. Our line of Raffine products has been recognized as "the best prevention and treatment anti-aging technology". The quality control and reputation of our skin care series is beyond doubt. First, the active ingredients have undergone strict quality inspections from the source to the final product to fully meet the requirements. Second, the product development has no chemical or physical intervention to ensure that the curative effect can reach the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health.


GvG Raffine Paris Line

The French medical beauty brand Raffine gathers dermatologists, biologist, and skin care experts to form a research and development team. The combination of traditional high-quality French skin care products and medical beauty technology provides comprehensive repair, maintenance and treatment for all kinds of skins .

Raffine medical beauty series is the most comprehensive medical beauty series. Designed for every person who loves beauty. The professional treatment series are designed to provide the most effective treatments for our customers, and the ingredients are all selected from natural plants and natural mineral spring waters ingested from Europe.

Allowing every customer to enjoy a perfect experience and perfect skin. Raffine medical beauty series also have the most comprehensive medical beauty home care series. Including cleansing, firming, moisturizing, whitening, anti-allergic, acne and eye series. Combining the beauty and medical technology, every skin care product produced has been tested by dermatologists. All product ingredients are taken from natural plants, and the products emphasize natural, professional, targeted and high curative effects.

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